We are proud of the quality of our research. This is due to the good mix that Inclusive Works has of masters and PhD graduates with diverse backgrounds and both qualitative and quantitative expertise, primarily in the social sciences.


Our research work to date includes:

  • BE HONEST: Research into the motives for and decision-making processes of temporary employment agencies involved in the decision to discriminate

On behalf of the city of Utrecht, Inclusive Works conducted research on the selection procedures of temporary employment agencies in Utrecht. The goal of the research was to identify whether the selection procedures currently used by temporary employment agencies can make a positive contribution to the employment of minorities. Additionally, we tried to determine whether these selection procedures resulted in (indirect or unconscious) discrimination against minorities. To this end, interviews were held with the staff of thirteen agencies in the city of Utrecht: agencyowners, managers and recruitment consultants.
During the interviews, we asked our respondents to describe comprehensively how they recruit candidates, how they assess them and how they choose who to place with a company. The answers to these questions provided insights into the extent to which the choice of candidate reflected the job requirements.

The report (in Dutch) contains an English summary: Rapport Eerlijk Zeggen definitief met cover.pdf







  • Significant Difference? A comparative analysis of multicultural policies in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom


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Combating Hate Speech

Inclusive Works has been pushing forward the agenda to help combat Hate Speech. With our Manual, lessons and workshops, for instance, we have reached minorities and majorities alike and informed them about the concrete steps they can take if they encounter Hate Speech. We are now, together with the students of the Arts Academy of Utrecht (HKU) developing new tools to make this information even more accessible for everyone.


Work Ethics

Inclusive Works likes to make sure that its employees and other people who are directly involved in the organisation are aware that they may not incited hatred or discriminate in order to fully comply with these ethical norms. Are you curious which concrete values Inclusive Works adheres to?

Here you can find the full version of our integrity code: Integrity Code.pdf

And here you can find our internet protocol: Internet Protocol.pdf