Language skills coaching for unemployed youths

Nasim, from Afghanistan - Iran is our new trainee!

Summary of the programme

The unemployment of migrants and of Dutch youths with a foreign origin in the Netherlands is much higher than the unemployment of native youths. One of the reasons cited by many recruiters is that their Dutch language skills are less well-developed than those of native Dutch. This programme increases the employability of (Dutch) youths of foreign origin and their possibility to find a job corresponding to their education level. Inclusive Works offers an intensive language skills coaching programme of around 5 months.The trainee is coached by two coaches: a Dutch language coach and a coach from Inclusive Works.

Inclusive Works develops work assignments for the youth. These assignments are assignments that a regular employee (with the same education level and profile) would perform at his/her workplace. In this way the unemployed youth experiences what kind of work assignments he would have to perform for an employer and to which standards. One assignment is given to the youth every other week. The youth has one week to complete the assignment. The youth is expected to complete this assignment to the best of his ability; as he would for an employer.

The fulfilled assignment is then sent to the language coach and to Inclusive Works. The language coach, a volunteer with a high level of written and spoken Dutch language skills, checks the assignment and provides feedback to the youth on grammar, sentence construction and the use of correct words/ jargon. Inclusive Works looks into the performance of the assignment. What is the quality of the work? How did the trainee structure the document? Is the assignment up to expectations?


The Dutch language coaches are generally individuals in employment, or with a relatively long employment history or people who own their own businesses. The two coaches have one week to check the assignment and send it back (by e-mail) to the youth. By performing this control task during five months, the coaches and the youth realise what are the most common mistakes the youth makes when writing and expressing himself in Dutch. These are pointed out to the youth so that he learns to recognise his pitfalls and correct these. When the end of the programme approaches, two face-to-face meetings take place. These concern two simulations. The first one is a work meeting and the second one is a job interview. The simulations also make use of real cases. The face-to-face meetings are another aid to help the youth experience work-related situations.

Inclusive Works provides feedback to the youth on how the document is composed: its structure and to what extent it satisfies as a final document; one that an employer could immediately use. The exercises proposed by Inclusive Works are not hypothetical but based on real cases and requirements. By asking the youth to exercise with real cases, Inclusive Works can provide concise feedback to the youth on the real needs that the company has. This makes the experience of the youth as similar as possible to the experience he will have in the future with another real employer.


About the programme

The coaching is intensive: the full programme can be completed in around five months. Language coaching is done by a coach proficient in the Dutch language. In addition, you will received feedback on other professional aspects of your work by Inclusive Works; things such as the the structure of your written pieces, the extent to which your work fulfills the expectations of a potential employer, etcetera. 

The cost of the programme is 300 euros for 6 months (€50 per month). 


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