Meet your local councillors

In 2020 Inclusive Works and the ASHA Foundation, started involving young people from very different backgrounds and preparing them for the national elections in March 2021. Many new Utrecht residents who came to live in the Netherlands around 2014 and 2015 are allowed to vote in the 2021 elections for the first time. At the same time, a number of others (native) youths know little about (local) democracy. That is why we trained more than 20 young people to have more knowledge about the (local) democratic system. But more importantly, we introduced them to Utrecht Councilors and their work. As well as introducing the Councilors to young people, their needs and experiences.

This resulted in a number of interviews that 'our' youngsters conducted with Utrecht Councilors; as well as in a number of internships. The 'Meet the Utrecht Councilor' project is being implemented within the framework of the 'Utrecht is all of Us' Action Plan of the City of Utrecht.

The interviews are in Dutch and can be found here

Dounia and Kadir interview D66 local councillor, Mohammed Saiah


Karan and Merwed interview VVD locall councillor, Queeny Rajkowski

Avinash and Emre interview Christian Union Councillor Rachel Streefland


Mohammed and Alaeddine interview Utrecht Stadsbelang Pooja Mathoera