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Make a donation

Inclusive Works does not receive structural funds from governments or other organisations. Therefore, donations are key to carrying out our work in a sustainable manner. You can make your donation by bank transfer to:

Stichting Inclusive Works

IBAN: NL10 RABO 0122 598660

In the Netherlands

Don't forget to add the 'word' donation to your transfer!

Need more information for your international transfer? Contact us!


Buy one of our hand-made Japanese-inspired handbags

To support our "Smile; it's that easy to change the world" campaign, we developed these Japanese-inspired 'kawaii' (cute) handbags. Your purchase will help us continue our work!

The handbags can be purchased in Black, Brown and White:


  • The large handbags (with 2 handles) cost 50 euro (excluding shipment costs)
  • The small handbags (one strap) cost 40 euro (excluding shipment costs)


Small, brown handbag with strap       Large black handbag with 2 handles   Large white handbag with 2 handles

Support us by purchasing one or more handbags! Please contact us!


Become a volunteer/intern

We are always looking for volunteers/ interns that want to contribute to our work; creating a more inclusive society. Interested in becoming a volunteer or an intern? Contact us!


Become coach for an INHOW'er

Become involved in our continuously running INHOW -Intensive Dutch language skills for unemployed youngsters.  Do you know someone who might want to participate? Please refer him/her to us! Do you have great Dutch language skills (written and spoken)? Then you could become one of our coaches

Interested? Contact us!

Didn't find a suitable way to become involved? Contact us!

If none of these options suit your needs or wishes, we are keen to hear how you would like to become involved. Please contact us!





Thank you Initiatievenfonds for supporting our work with volunteers!


Thank you Sesam Academie for becoming involved!


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Follow us on Twitter and Instagram 

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Combating Hate Speech

Inclusive Works has been pushing forward the agenda to help combat Hate Speech. With our Manual, lessons and workshops, for instance, we have reached minorities and majorities alike and informed them about the concrete steps they can take if they encounter Hate Speech. We are now, together with the students of the Arts Academy of Utrecht (HKU) developing new tools to make this information even more accessible for everyone.


Work Ethics

Inclusive Works likes to make sure that its employees and other people who are directly involved in the organisation are aware that they may not incited hatred or discriminate in order to fully comply with these ethical norms. Are you curious which concrete values Inclusive Works adheres to?

Here you can find the full version of our integrity code: Integrity Code.pdf

And here you can find our internet protocol: Internet Protocol.pdf