Meet your local councillor

Do you feel represented? Inclusive Works asked this question to a number of youths and prepared those who did not for an interview with a local councillor.

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Inclusive policies at the workplace

This research provides insight into 7 factors that enable organisations to suyccessfully develop, implement and evaluate inclusive policies.

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Do you want to make an active contribution to a more Inclusive Society?

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Our organisation

Inclusive Works undertakes projects, carries out studies and provides consultancy services with the aim of creating more inclusive societies in which each individual can participate fully and equally.

Urgent: bank transactions fraudulent, contact the police and your bank

Dear relation, we have been made aware that fraudulent bank transactions are being made using our good name. Please contact immediately the police and your bank if this takes place. Please Let us know as well.

Black Lives Matters in The Netherlands, an interview

Thousands of people in cities across the Netherlands recently participated in Black Lives Matter demonstrations. What is behind this slogan? What can we do in our daily lives to achieve justice and equality for Dutch people of African descent? Laura Coello asks these questions, and others, in an online discussion with four Dutch professionals of African descent:

Laura te Hennepe - psychologist and Unconscious Bias Trainer at Franklin Covey
Leroy Lucas - youth coach
Sherida Zorg - diversity manager Rijksmuseum
Timothy Akinbile - assistant business director at Het Huis Utrecht & project lead at PACT Utrecht

Communication in times of Corona

One of the important observations that has arisen from the way the Dutch government 'generally' communicates to the public is that its communication is done for an able, Dutch-speaking audience. Other audiences were often left out at the beginning, and some still are.

On the 27th of February 2020, a deaf protester was seen on a national news (NPO) broadcast about the measures instated by the national government to halt the spread of Covid-19, holding a billboard wherein he was requesting to have a sign language translator present for all broadcasts with important news on Covid-19. Wouter Bolier, spokesperson for Ieder(in), an interest group for people with a disability or chronic illness, shares that opinion. 'People, including people with a disability, simply have the right to accessible information. That is a human right.'

Similarly, people who do not speak Dutch have suffered from disinformation. They resort to their network and those who do speak Dutch (or understand it) to get informed. News website Dutchnews has, therefore, compiled the most important facts on Corona virus in the Netherlands and translated these into English:

Coronavirus in the Netherlands, what you need to know.


Workshop Inclusive Policies

After the completion of the research, Inclusive Works has provided workshops on the 7 factors that enable the implementation of successful inclusive policies at the workplace. Is your organisation interested in following this workshop? Contact us!



Accessibility Prize

Inclusive Works has been nominated for the 'Accessibility Prize' given out by the City of Utrecht. We are very proud to have been nominated. Our nomination is due to our work coaching and providing guidance to volunteers, interns and other individuals looking for a job in the Dutch work force. We have provided guidance to many individuals without any experience in the Dutch labour market and sometimes, also limited Dutch language skills. Some of the individuals we have coached:



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Combating Hate Speech

Inclusive Works has been pushing forward the agenda to help combat Hate Speech. With our Manual, lessons and workshops, for instance, we have reached minorities and majorities alike and informed them about the concrete steps they can take if they encounter Hate Speech. We are now, together with the students of the Arts Academy of Utrecht (HKU) developing new tools to make this information even more accessible for everyone.


Work Ethics

Inclusive Works likes to make sure that its employees and other people who are directly involved in the organisation are aware that they may not incited hatred or discriminate in order to fully comply with these ethical norms. Are you curious which concrete values Inclusive Works adheres to?

Here you can find the full version of our integrity code: Integrity Code.pdf

And here you can find our internet protocol: Internet Protocol.pdf