190 years Mexico - Netherlands

The celebration of the 190 years relations between Mexico and the Netherlands

One sort of initiatives we have a long experience with are our cultural projects celebrating bilateral relations. In 2014, we celebrated the 400 years relations between the Netherlands and Turkey, in 2016 the relations between Japan and the Netherlands and this year, 2018, we are celebrating the 190 relations between Mexico and the Netherlands. This is a very significant event for Inclusive Works. The Netherlands was the second European country to recognize Mexico as an independent state in 1821. For that reason, both countries have such long-lasting relations based on trade and friendship; something we are celebrating today.

For this celebration, we are aiming to bring together the Mexican and Dutch community in various parts of the country to share and learn more about the Mexican culture, cooking, literature, and traditions. These include: several Cooking workshops with an introduction about Mexican food and the role it plays in family and society, several evenings with traditional Mexican games in The Vookarmer Utrecht, several events for children wherein popular Mexican songs and games will figure, a literary event a Día De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) altar exhibition and a lecture the exploring LGBTI topic.

We, therefore, hope that you will be as happy as us to celebrate this memorable event with both the Mexican and Dutch communities.


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Come to our Mexican food cooking workshop on 10 November 2018!





The sponsors of the 190 years MX-NL events

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We thank the sponsors of 190 years: Mexico - the Netherlands for their invaluable contribution to the different events of these celebrations.