It is impossible for a project to be classed as a good practice if its effects and outcomes have not been evaluated. Inclusive Works will provide an independent evaluation of the short-term effects and/or long-term outcomes of your project using a methodology tailored to best suit your needs.

Our current work in evaluations includes:


Evaluations of integration practices performed by organizations in the Netherlands for the European Web Site on Integration

Process evaluation of the 'Celebrating each other's influences' project Netherlands - Turkey, 400 years': a photo exhibition in which the influence of Turkey in the Dutch architecture, urban planning and interior design (and vice versa) is displayed.
internal or process evaluation.pdf

Internal evaluation of the research performed by Inclusive Works for the City of Utrecht 'Eerlijk Zeggen: Selectiepraktijken van de Utrechtse Uitzendbureaus' (Research)
Feedback onderzoek Eerlijk zeggen Gemeente Utrecht.pdf

Internal evaluation with partner British Council, the Netherlands on project 'international children's stories competition "Modern gender roles in a multicultural society'

Feedback project children stories competition British Council Nederland.pdf


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Japan & the Netherlands publication

To accompany the exhibition, we have issued a publication information (in Dutch and English) about the project and the best 20 photos submitted. This publication can be purchased directly from Inclusive Works for 5.00 euros (excluding postage). Please email info@inclusiveworks.eu to purchase your copy today!



Diversity in ethnicity, nationality, gender and the elderly in our children's books

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