Policy and Political Analysis

Good policies and political choices are based on sound information. This requires research carried out to a high standard that is solidly grounded in academic knowledge. For this reason, all policy and political analysis undertaken by Inclusive Works will make use of the relevant scholarly literature to identify and incorporate the latest approaches to the issues in question. When desired by the client, alliances can be made with any of Inclusive Works’ many contacts in the academic world, with policy makers or experts in the field, both in the Netherlands and internationally.

Our current analysis work includes:


A study of the initial results of mainstreaming equal treatment in local policies in Belgium


Changes to civic integration requirements in the Netherlands

In this document, basic and main information is provided about requirements on civic integration abroad and civic integration within the Netherlands. According to information from the National government, we provide answers to the following questions: Who are required to take these tests? Who are exempt? What is the content of these tests? How can you prepare for these exams? What support is given? What other measures are taken to promote integration? This is NOT an official government document:

Changes to civic integration requirements in the Netherlands ENGLISH.pdf


The situation regarding civic integration in the Netherlands from 2013 onwards

This document presents an overview of the process that newcomers will follow when following the civic integration courses and taking the exam. The information in this document applies to newcomers who are required by law to follow the civic integration trajectory (courses and exams) and who arrived in the Netherlands, applied for residence or received their residence permit after 1 January 2013.

The situation in NL regarding integration 2013.pdf


SUMMARY Integration agenda government of the Netherlands

The new government has presented its vision on Integration. Together with this vision a new Integration Agenda has also been drafted. In this summary, the main targets and activities are described shortly. This summary is NOT an official government document, but an unofficial translation and summary.

English Summary of the Integration Agenda.pdf