Inclusive Works actively invests in the creation of more inclusive societies. We do so by advising organisations how to include and embed diversity in their day to day work. By developing and executing projects that help build sustainable connections between individuals and groups in society. By carrying out high quality research that helps us better understand the rationale and processes behind decisions and actions. And by undertaking evaluations of our own work, as well as of the initiatives of others.


Society belongs to all of us. Every single person is a member of society and shapes it through their actions – visibly or modestly, directly or indirectly. Each individual has something unique to offer to society: special talents or skills, ideas, plans and the determination to carry these out. Differences – whether in age, culture, gender, ability, religion or sexual orientation – is welcome, as it brings valuable new perspectives and approaches.

A positive attitude to diversity is necessary to put our special talents to use and make something innovative and exciting. 


We work with (freelance) researchers and professionals with a solid background in both theory and practice. Because of that, we are perfectly positioned to carry out projects, research and provide advisory services on anti-discrimination, diversity, inclusive thinking and working, integration, minority affairs, nationalism and political affairs revolving around these themes. We also work with a professional mediator and voluntary coaches who have worked with people of various backgrounds.


Our research teams is composed by a mix of PhD. and Master graduates of history, social sciences, comparative politics, cultural anthropology and psychology.


Members of the Board


 Peter Zwaga, Chair of the Board
   Vera Marinelli, Board Secretary
   Mia van Eck, Treasurer




Laura Coello Eertink, Director

Download the full CV of Laura Coello (PDF)



Wendy Labadie

Originally from France, but currently living in Utrecht, I am now finishing my Master's degree in Communication-Humanitarian-Solidarity. As I am very interested in the fields of human rights, culture and diversity, I am now doing an internship at Inclusive Works.

Besides sharing common interests, I will bring to this organization my expertise in management and communication, as well as share my skills in organization and writing.





Integry code


  • Inclusive Works and people who are directly involved in it are aware that they may not incite hatred or the use of force and fully comply with this ethical norm.
  • The Directors, supervisors and representants of Inclusive Works have not been condemned for any crimes of this nature.
  • Inclusive Works has an equal opportunities policy.
  • We regard suppliers and partners who also have an integrity code with our patronage.
  • In addition, Inclusive Works and people who are directly involved in the organisation, seek and use the most sustainable ways of transportation, usage of office space and materials.




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