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We recently launched our handbook 'Hate Speech: What can I do about it?'


Migrascope in Europe

Inclusive works is one of the partners in the EU-funded project  Migrascope. Its aim is to foster the integration of migrants into the labor market.

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Welcome to Inclusive Works

Inclusive Works undertakes projects, carries out studies and provides consultancy services with the aim of creating more inclusive societies in which each individual can participate fully and equally.

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Birth Certificate Changed to 'Undetermined Gender' 

In Limburg, a court ruled in favor of an adult issuing a new birth certificate stating they are of 'No determined sex'. When the plaintiff was born in 1961, their parents registered 'Male' on the birth certificate because they thought it was be simpler for their child. However, in 2001 the plaintiff who did not feel male had changed their certificate to 'Female'. This person then went to court again to have 'Female' removed and replaced by 'Not determined'. 

The Limburg court declared that legal and social developments have paved the way for a 'Third' gender on birth documents since the rejection of a similar case in 2007. Furthermore, the court ruled that being unable to describe oneself as of 'Undetermined gender' conflicted with the right to autonomy, self determination, and a right to a private life. 

Source: Dutchnews.nl


Inclusive Works present at the 4 and 5 May festival

Every year, the Netherlands commemorates the victims of war on 4 May. The day afterwards, 5 May, liberty and civic freedoms are celebrated. One of these freedoms is the freedom to be yourself. Inclusive Works took part in the 5 May festival. It was a joyful day and we provided may people with information about diversity, inclusion and the freedom to be yourself.


The questions migrants would like to pose to employers

During the implementation of the European Union project Migrascope, which Inclusive Works runs in the Netherlands, we have met a number of migrants. They have different and very interesting questions of how it would be to work in the Netherlands. Some examples:

Are employers afraid that we might return to our home countries after a while (and therefore not invest in us)? Do they think we are (all) strict in our religion and that it might lead to conflict? Would I need to come to the office if the public transport is not running? The migrant's questions show that having the possibility to speak openly to an employer is of great importance.

On March 8, employers and migrants met to discuss these questions with each other. It was a very successful and expiring meeting. Below are a few impressions of the meeting.


Why Hate Speech is difficult to tackle

Inclusive Works has recently created a guide about Hate Speech containing information and very useful advice about the subject. The goal of this guide was to empower people and help them understand what Hate Speech is and how they can defend themselves in case they encounter something like Hate Speech. Even after writing this guide Hate Speech proves to be a difficult subject to tackle and this article about Germany`s attempt goes to show just how difficult it actually is. Read more...

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


Smile; a small but significant act of inclusion!

This year has seen some negative news; including instances of hate, intolerance and exclusion. What can YOU do? Smile to someone who might be feeling unwelcome. This is a small, but significant act of Inclusion!


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Midsummer Canal Festival 

The Midzomergracht festival is a 10 day festival in Utrecht that celebrates gender and sexual diversity through activities in the fields of culture, debate and meeting, sports, and special exhibitions. Join us as we host our workshop on 'Hate Speech' at the festival on June 18 from 15:30-17:00 for 5 euros (Price includes: entrance, coffee/tea, and handbook). We will accept cash and debit card on the day! 

Employers and migrants workshop

On 8 March 2018 we hold an employers and migrants workshop at the Stadskantoor Utrecht. Want to participate? Please read the information on the invitation: Invitation Migrants and Employers meet each other.pdf


Japan & the Netherlands publication

To accompany the exhibition, we have issued a publication information (in Dutch and English) about the project and the best 20 photos submitted. This publication can be purchased directly from Inclusive Works for 5.00 euros (excluding postage). Please email info@inclusiveworks.eu to purchase your copy today!



Diversity in ethnicity, nationality, gender and the elderly in our children's books

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