Elections special

On Saturday 2 March 2019, Inclusive Works, De Voorkamer, ProDemos and 3 Utrecht Council Members informed newcomers about the Dutch political system. We look back on a successful meeting. Take a look at the pictures below!

Inclusion policies at the workplace

This forthcoming research provides insight into 7 factors that enable organisations to develop, implement and evaluate inclusive policies.

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Our organisation

Inclusive Works undertakes projects, carries out studies and provides consultancy services with the aim of creating more inclusive societies in which each individual can participate fully and equally.

Accessibility Prize

Inclusive Works has been nominated for the 'Accessibility Prize' given out by the City of Utrecht. We are very proud to have been nominated. Our nomination is due to our work coaching and providing guidance to volunteers, interns and other individuals looking for a job in the Dutch work force. We have provided guidance to many individuals without any experience in the Dutch labour market and sometimes, also limited Dutch language skills. Some of the individuals we have coached:



Elections special

Thanks to ProDemos, De Voorkamer and local politicians from the CDA, D66 and GroenLinks, newcomers in the Netherlands learned more about Dutch politics, our political system and the upcoming elections for the Provincial States and water boards in an interactive way. Thank you all for coming!


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Work Ethics

Inclusive Works likes to make sure that its employees and other people who are directly involved in the organisation are aware that they may not incited hatred or discriminate in order to fully comply with these ethical norms. Are you curious which concrete values Inclusive Works adheres to?

Here you can find the full version of our integrity code: Integrity Code.pdf

And here you can find our internet protocol: Internet Protocol.pdf








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