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Japan & the Netherlands

A photography exhibition that showscases Japanese influences in the Dutch public and private space and viceversa ...


Migrascope in Europe

Inclusive works is one of the partners in the new, EU-funded, project  Migrascope. Aim is to foster the integration of migrants into the labor market.

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5 year jubilee celebration

On the 23 June 2016 we celebrated our fifth birthday with a human rights event. See how you can become involved...


Welcome to Inclusive Works

Inclusive Works undertakes projects, carries out studies and provides consultancy services with the aim of creating more inclusive societies in which each individual can participate fully and equally.

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Photo exhibition in Hirado, Japan

On 11 August 2017 our photo exhibition Japan & the Netherlands will be officially opened at the Hirado Dutch Trading Post. The Dutch Trading Post (平戸オランダ商館, Hirado Oranda Shōkan) was set up in Hirado in 1609 as the base of operations of the Dutch East India Company in Japan. Are you visiting Japan during that period? Be sure to attend the opening!

We are looking forward to meeting our colleagues and friends at Hirado and to publishing photos of this event.


Opening of the Photo-exhibition in Utrecht

On 7 april 2017 the photo-exhibition Japan and the Netherlands, organised by Inclusive works, was opened in Utrecht.   Have a look at the video of the opening, listen to mayor Jan van Zanen and  minister Setsuko Kawahara of the Japanese Embassy,  and see the price winning video in which a photographer shows his motivation to participate in the photo-competition on the relation between Japan and the Netherlands


Exhibition Japan and the Netherlands

Japan and the Netherlands have mutually influenced each other through four hundred years of trade, communication, cultural and economic exchanges. The exhibition ‘Japan and the Netherlands’ shows twenty images that portray these influences. These winning images were part of an international photo competition organised by Utrecht-based organisation Inclusive Works. Photographers in Japan and the Netherlands had the opportunity to send in their work. A jury then selected the twenty most inspiring and meaningful images, which are now on display in the old City Hall in Utrecht. The images show great diversity with regard to architecture, food, fashion, literature, animation, graphic and interior design and even religious and spiritual influences. Contributions from Utrecht include those from Thea Simon, Daniëlle Bosma, Birgit Schuch, Marcel van Willigen, Raymond Eertink and Tjepke Zijlstra. As Laura Coello, director of Inclusive Works, puts it: ‘‘Acquiring knowledge and insights from other cultures increases understanding and interest of those cultures and its people’’. This exhibition was made possible with support of the program Utrecht Connected Worldwide as part of the department of International Affairs of the City of Utrecht.The exhibition is free of charge and on display between Tuesday 4 April and Thursday 27 April 2017 during the opening hours of the old City Hall (Korte Minrebroederstraat 2, Utrecht).


Inclusive Works: one of the 7 European partners in Migrascope

In January 2017 the Eu-funded project Migrascope has taken-off! Inclusive Works is one of the seven European partners in the project. The objective of the project is to increase the access to work and foster integration at the workplace for migrants. By focusing on the capacity building of both migrants and employers, several important objectives will be targeted:

  • Implement new good practices of integration at the workplace through the method of transnational work-shadowing among employers;

  • Build the capacity of migrants through better management of their expectations;

  • Build the capacity of employers by addressing their expectations or disappointments and by breaking stereotypes;

  • Identify and empower successful migrant entrepreneurs who would act as role models;

  • Facilitate the access to work and reduce barriers by developing innovative and interactive e-tools.


Smile; a small but significant act of inclusion!

2017 has started with some very negative news. Hate, intolerance and exclusion is seen in politics (in the USA), acts of terrorism (against Muslims in Canada) and surge of anti-migrant incidents (as the fire on an refugee centre in Twello, the Netherlands).

What can YOU do? Smile to someone who might be feeling unwelcome. This is a small, but significant act of Inclusion!


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