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Inclusive Works undertakes projects, carries out studies and provides consultancy services with the aim of creating more inclusive societies ...


Children's Stories Competition

The theme of the 2014 children's story competition is 'Grandad, grandma and I... Read more...


We are proud of the quality of our researchers: a mix of masters and PhD graduates with diverse backgrounds, language skills and qualitative and quantitative expertise ...


Welcome to Inclusive Works

Inclusive Works undertakes projects, carries out studies and provides consultancy services with the aim of creating more inclusive societies in which each individual can participate fully and equally.

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Women of Britain, let's form our own feminist party

An interesting take on Sweden's Feminist Initiative


''When our children and grandchildren look back at the Sun’s page 3 (for I have no doubt its days are numbered) they’ll see it in much the same way as we watch the casual sexism in Mad Men now. It will seem embarrassingly anachronistic. I know this because it is embarrassingly anachronistic now. It exists in an era where women build and fly planes, debate in the UN, run businesses and generally demonstrate that they are more than the sum of their parts. Page 3 is a relic of a bygone era, but it’s still here.''

Source: The Guardian


Intensive Languae Skills Coaching for Unemployed Youths - INHOW

From September 2014 we are offering three places for our INHOW programme: Intensive Language Skills Coaching for Unemployed Youths. Through this programme job seekers will get the opportunity to do assignments that are comparable to the work future employers would assign them. The participants will be coached during the process, and their assignments will be assessed by coaches with elaborate working experience or by entrepreneurs. The participants will be assessed on their level of Dutch language skills as well as to what extent their work meets the expectations of employers. It is a 5-month programme (10 assignments). The cost of the programme is €40,- per month. 

The programme is meant for youngsters, but anyone who is interested is welcome to apply.

Below you will find information about our first INHOW trainee:

My name is Ilyana, I was born in Sofia (Bulgaria) and after completing my secundary education I moved abroad for studies, work and internships. In the past eleven years I have lived in several cities in Europe which makes it extremely difficult for me to answer the question ‘Where do you come from?’ My personal interests were given a lease of life in the academic world when I pursued studies such as European Studies and Management of Cultural Diversity. I have the ambition to grow in the education sector. Personal perceptions of policies and developing learning styles are matters I want to devote all my energies to.  I am also a lover of arts with a passion for theatre.

In July I started participating in the INHOW programme which is aimed at youngsters who are of foreign descent and are looking for a job in The Netherlands. The project links youngsters to a language coach and they together work on a series of written assignments in Dutch. In this manner, Inclusive Works wants to deal with the alarming trend of the growing rate of unemployment among youngsters of foreign descent or youngster who have a job that is below their level of education.

Participation in the INHOW programme was offered to me after I completed a job interview with Laura Coello, which indicated I needed to polish my Dutch writing skills. I see the programme as a unique learning experience, and the assignments as an encouraging factor to practice and improve my writing skills. Working purposefully, on situations that occur on the workplace -  that is what appeals to me in this project!

I work with the Dutch language extensively and daily but in different a context and on jobs where my language errors and shortcomings are overlooked. Till now, other accomplishments are considered as more important and have more value in my professional experience. This situation is not ideal and I really want to reach my potential. This is why I find it imprtant to participate in the INHOW project now – at this stage of my life, especially – after having had all these experiences. What is more, I meet all of the requirements of the programme: I am looking for work, I am (for Dutch standards) highly educated and wish to work on my Dutch language skills actively. In general, I find working with language, texts and words very interesting, so I expect to insert more power in my language use and get the most out of the assignments, as well as to acknowledge my pitfalls and overcome obstacles.

The effort put in by the voluntary coaches for his programme motivates me even more. Voluntary service has always played a huge part in my life and I believe that those who choose to do this simply want to do their best. That is why it is a huge honour for me to meet my coach Desiree Krouwel and be guided by her. She has opened her own office in The Hague where she provides legal advice and tries to understand her clients’ interests to the best of her ability so that she can represent them accordingly.

I am very curious about the INHOW experience and thank my coach Desiree Krouwel in advance for the effort and time she will put in me!



Inspirational workshops a succes!

Most of the 40 participants of our inspirational workshops (3 July 2014) agreed that the workshops were a success. The evaluation forms show that most participants were 'positive' and a high number were 'very positive' about the workshops and the location. The following photos provide an impression of the workshops.


 Young, old(er) and multicultural participants get inspiration to create characters for their children's stories.



 Children's characters are ready for their story.


Felipe inspires writers with his play on sound.

Award ceremony International Children's Stories Competition

On the 14th of November the award ceremony of the International Children's Story will be held where we will announce two lucky winners for the 1-3 and 4-6 ages category, respectively. The ceremony will take place at the prestigious Library of Utrecht between 1300 and 1500 hours. All are welcome to attend the ceremony! You can register by sending an email to info@inclusiveworks with your full name and age.

Photos of our inspirational writing workshops!

On Thursday 3 July our writing workshops took place. Felipe Benegas Lynch, Juliëtte Rosenkamp and Liselotte Schippers provided tools and inspiration to writers in order to help them compose a wonderful children's story.

We thank the speakers and participants for their contribution to our writing workshops!!


 New characters are born.