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Inclusive Works undertakes projects, carries out studies and provides consultancy services with the aim of creating more inclusive societies ...


Children's Stories Competition

The theme of the 2014 children's story competition is 'Grandad, grandma and I... Read more...


We are proud of the quality of our researchers: a mix of masters and PhD graduates with diverse backgrounds, language skills and qualitative and quantitative expertise ...


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Inclusive Works undertakes projects, carries out studies and provides consultancy services with the aim of creating more inclusive societies in which each individual can participate fully and equally.

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Handling of Dutch Discrimination Cases Scrutinized

Discrimination is a social problem that is high on the political agenda of the government, which is currently carrying out a study into discrimination in various areas with the aim to ban discrimination in all its forms. Following a study by the Dutch Public Prosecution Service (OM), the former minister of security and justice, Ivo Opstelten, announced in a letter dated May 19, 2014, that a study will be carried out into the course of cases of discrimination within the criminal law chain. The study has shown that there is a large difference between the number of cases of discrimination in the police records and the number of settlements by the OM. The police reported 3,292 incidents of discrimination in 2012, while only 144 discriminatory offenses had reached the OM that year.

Source: Netherlands Committee of Jurists for Human Rights for Liberties.eu

No additional stories will be published by Clavis Publishers as result of the 2014 international children's stories competition

During the awards ceremony of our international children's stories competition, Clavis Publishers announced that the best stories would be re-read by them. Possibly, one or more stories would be selected and published. Clavis Publishers has finished reading the best stories and decided that no additional stories will be published.

The only two stories that will be illustrated and published as children's books are the two winning stories:

De Grote vijf by Bella Makatini (category 1-3 years)
What can your grandma do? by Anne Sawan (category 4-6 years).


The winners of the 2015 international children's stories competition

In november 2014 we announced the two winners of our 2014 international children's stories competition.


The winner of the 1-3 years category is Bella Makatini from Den Bosch, the Netherlands. 


The winner of the category 4-6 years is Anne Sawan, from the United States of America.


Each winner has written a short background piece about themselves. You can read their pieces here.


Winners International Children's Stories Competition 2014

And the winning stories of the International Children's Stores Competition are: ''De grote vijf''  in the 1-3 age category by Bella Makatini from Den Bosch, The Netherlands and ''What can your Grandma do?'' in the 4-6 age category by  Anne Sawan from Medfield, USA!


Many congratulations to both of you!


The first training 'Discrimination-free selection mechanisms' completed!

The first group of employees and managers of temporary employment agencies has completed the training 'Discrimination-free selection mechanisms'!

Inclusive Works offers this training, together with Art.1 MN, to managers and employees of in temporary employment agencies.

The training consists of three sessions. The first session strengthens the participant's knowledge of discrimination law and how to apply this in their daily work. In the second session, the (unconscious) selection mechanisms and processes that lead to indirect discrimination are discussed. In the third session realistic solutions are sought and existing solutions (good practices) are presented to transform discriminatory requests into neutral requests.


We thank the participants for their active and positive contribution during the training!

For more information or to request our training? Please contact us!