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Inclusive Works undertakes projects, carries out studies and provides consultancy services with the aim of creating more inclusive societies ...


Children's Stories Competition

The theme of the 2014 children's story competition is 'Grandad, grandma and I... Read more...


We are proud of the quality of our researchers: a mix of masters and PhD graduates with diverse backgrounds, language skills and qualitative and quantitative expertise ...


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Inclusive Works undertakes projects, carries out studies and provides consultancy services with the aim of creating more inclusive societies in which each individual can participate fully and equally.

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Cherish the hybrid identity

In this opinion piece, Mostafa Hilali speaks about his multiple identities, background and how he combines these in his life. A former teacher at the Royal Military Academy once asked me about my 'hybrid identity'. How would you describe yourself? You often mention one thing. I'm a soldier. But when I'm using jeans, walking on tennis shoes, I am often seen as a Moroccan, or even hang-Moroccan. If I go to the mosque wearing a traditional robe, then I am a Muslim. We often forget that people are multi-dimensional; they have different identities.

A woman without a headscarf can still be a Muslim. I am military, a Muslim, I have a Moroccan background, but I'm from Amsterdam, I'm a father, I am son, husband and brother. All these identities form me. The US military had, for years, the slogan: Be all you can be. I would advocate: Be all you are. You have this diversity within you, cherish all of them.

Source: Suzanne Rethans for Trouw

Chair in Social Research: migration, ethnicity and citizenship

The University of Bristol has a vacancy for 'Chair in Social Research'. One of the priority areas of this position is migration, ethnicity and citizenship, themes in which the university has a long established research reputation.

Please find the full vacancy here

The winners of the 2015 international children's stories competition

In november 2014 we announced the two winners of our 2014 international children's stories competition.

The winner of the 1-3 years category is Bella Makatini from Den Bosch,

the Netherlands. 

The winner of the category 4-6 years is Anne Sawan,

from the United States of America.


Each winner has written a short background piece about themselves. You can read their pieces here.


Winners International Children's Stories Competition 2014

And the winning stories of the International Children's Stores Competition are: ''De grote vijf''  in the 1-3 age category by Bella Makatini from Den Bosch, The Netherlands and ''What can your Grandma do?'' in the 4-6 age category by  Anne Sawan from Medfield, USA!


Many congratulations to both of you!


Our International Children's Stories Competition receives recognition

On 30 january 2015, Movisie recognised the International Children's Stories Competition of Inclusive Works and partners with a special award. The initiative was described as positive, inclusive and sustainable. We thank Movisie for their recognition of our work.

Source: Movisie