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Inclusive Works undertakes projects, carries out studies and provides consultancy services with the aim of creating more inclusive societies ...


Children's Stories Competition

The theme of the 2014 children's story competition is 'Grandad, grandma and I... Read more...


We are proud of the quality of our researchers: a mix of masters and PhD graduates with diverse backgrounds, language skills and qualitative and quantitative expertise ...


Welcome to Inclusive Works

Inclusive Works undertakes projects, carries out studies and provides consultancy services with the aim of creating more inclusive societies in which each individual can participate fully and equally.

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Winners International Children's Stories Competition 2014

And the winning stories of the International Children's Stores Competition are: ''De grote vijf''  in the 1-3 age category by Bella Makatini from Den Bosch, The Netherlands and ''What can your Grandma do?'' in the 4-6 age category by  Anne Sawan from Medfield, USA!


Many congratulations to both of you!


The International Children's Stories Competition - A huge success!

We at Inclusive Works are extremely proud of the overhelming response the competition has garnered!  Not 38, but participants from 40 (!) countries have sumbitted their stories!

Here's a list:

Argentina          The Netherlands         Wales
Australia            New Zealand              Zwitserland
Belgium             Nigeria
Brazil                  Norway
Canada              Philippines
Craotia               Romania
Egypt                  Scotland
England             Singapore
France               South-Africa
Ghana                South-Korea
Germany           Sri Lanka
India                   Surinam
Ireland               Tajikistan
Israel                 Taiwan
Jamaica           Thailand
Japan                UAE
Kenya                Uganda
Luxemburg      USA
Malta                 Vietnam


Fair Signs week: stimulating and letting inclusion happen!

As a company that carries out research and activities that aim to create more inclusive societies, Inclusive Works supported and participated in the Fair Signs week that was held in Trebnitz, Germany from the 21st to the 27th of September 2014. This week was a means to bring youngsters from different countries, with different backgrounds and abilities together and create an inclusive environment in which each person had equal chances of participation.


Four groups of youngsters, from Poland, Germany, Romania and The Netherlands, participated. The Polish and German youths, between the ages of 14-17, had impaired hearing, with the Polish group being completely deaf and the German group owning hearing aids and implants through which they could hear partially. The third group, the Romanian youths aged 15-18, live in SOS children’s villages in Bucharest and Sibiu and did not have any disabilities. Finally, the Dutch youths, aged between 17-22, did not have disabilities but were very interested in communicating and exchanging with the other groups. The aim of the week was to encourage interaction and understanding between different European participants with various backgrounds and abilities.

During the Fair Signs week we saw that the best way to initiate inclusion between youths is by means of...





Many thanks to

Schloß Trebnitz; Kreisau-Initiative; Fundacja Krzyzowa and SOS Satele for setting up the Fair Signs week. The week was funded with the support from the “Youth in Action" programme of the European Commission and the "F.C. Flick Stiftung".


Intensive Language Skills Coaching for Unemployed Youths - INHOW

We are now offering one last place for our INHOW programme: Intensive Language Skills Coaching for Unemployed Youths. Through this programme job seekers will get the opportunity to do assignments that are comparable to the work future employers would assign them. The participants will be coached during the process, and their assignments will be assessed by coaches with elaborate working experience or by entrepreneurs. The participants will be assessed on their level of Dutch language skills as well as to what extent their work meets the expectations of employers. It is a more or less 5-month programme (10 assignments). The cost of the programme is €40,- per month. The programme is meant for youngsters, but anyone who is interested is welcome to apply.

Award ceremony International Children's Stories Competition

On the 14th of November 2014 the award ceremony of the International Children's Story took place. During the ceremony the two lucky winners were announced. We thank all participants for their presence, the jury for their wonderful work and the library of Utrecht for hosting the event. In addition, we thank all sponsors and partners for making this project possible!